Our Services

SANCOR is an established landscape contractor and an active member of the IIABC and BCLNA.  We are ready to design, build, install or maintain residential and commercial landscapes and irrigation systems.  Our scope of work includes but is not limited to:

  • Design Build Irrigation Systems:
    From simple sprinkler systems for your lawn to complex irrigation and drainage for commercial structures, SANCOR can do it all.


  • Green Roof Installation:
    You can count on us to design and install the right plants, soil, irrigation, drainage layers, root barriers, or waterproof membrane layers to help you go green and reduce your air conditioning and heating costs.  We are fully LIVE ROOF and XEROFLOR certified and able to install not only other green roof systems, but both intensive and extensive systems to help you go green.


  • Landscape Design:
    We are full service landscape contractors and aim to give you artistically designed landscapes that can be largely self-sustaining and require less maintenance.


  • Rock Features:Introduce the solidity, permanence and natural look of rock features into your landscape design. Used strategically, these can help you hide unsightly equipment and pipes to enhance your landscape design.


  • Paving Stones:
    Pathways that lead into your landscape design can be paved such that people are able to appreciate the beauty of the design and yet keep away from disrupting the plants themselves. SANCOR gets you top quality paving stones and integrates your pathways into the design.


  • Drainage:
    When you hire leading landscape contractors near you, you can be assured that they will design drainage systems keeping in mind the specific needs of your design and the local weather. A good drainage system is imperative for the sustainability of any landscape design.


  • Excavation:
    We use state of the art equipment to excavate your landscape whether you are just looking to level your ground or renovate your lawn.


  • Streetscapes:
    We also offer streetscape services and take the time to understand your motive of recreation or open space design before designing to suit your individual requirement.


  • Environmental plantings:
    Whether you are a nature preservation enthusiast or simply want a self-sustaining garden, SANCOR’s team of experts can put together a design depending on individual properties to maximize on available soil and sunlight to give your landscape an aesthetic and green appeal.


  • Soft landscape installations:
    If you are looking to green up your space, let us add plants, soil, and sod (or a suitable lawn alternative) to fit your vision for your space.


  • Natural stone, Allan Block & Wood retaining walls:
    You can choose from a variety of top quality materials to build retaining walls to go with the overall look of your yard, stabilize slopes, and provide useful areas at different elevations.


  • Split Rail Fence:
    Once used for fencing in agricultural spaces, split rail fences are also great for decorative purposes.


  • Ponds and Water Features:
    Enhance the tranquility of your space with the sound and look of  water and water plants.   We specialize in constructions that require minimum maintenance.


  • Color matched stamped concrete:
    To increase the aesthetic value of your landscape design, we can install stamped concrete for entertaining, as walkways, or as a simple sitting area.


  • Slope stabilizations:
    We strive to help you attain the design goals you set for yourself.  We do whatever it takes to prepare the ground for whatever you want it to be, whether it is with the use of plants or hard materials.


  • Commercial & Residential maintenance:
    Vegetation can grow out of hand, literally.  Our maintenance crew works diligently to keep your commercial properties neat and weed free without the use of harsh pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or weed killers.

Contact us today to avail these services and more, such as design consultations and other landscape and irrigation products and services.